Hey! I'm Vittorio.

I’m a tech consultant, business advisor and computer science engineering graduate.

I’ve been involved in the digital space for years now.

Technology is the thing I’m most passioned about, in all its forms. I work with companies—both startups and corporate—to come up with new and innovative solutions for growth and impact.

What do I do?

I started working in the digital industry while I was still in school, creating blogs and websites for local businesses.

During the past years, I worked with companies and professionals on their digital strategy to expand their reach and business.

Now, I offer tech consultancy services in the fields of tech, business development, growth and innovation. My plan is to give a contribution to interesting and inspiring realities that make the world a better place.

vittorio faraco

I also graduated in Computer Science and Automation Engineering, at Politecnico di Bari, in Italy.

This is the result of my passion and knowledge of the digital landscape and the drive to understand more about data and analysis.

That’s why I chose to start a Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering: the future holds hard challenges that need technical skills and a creative mindset to be solved.


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