Hey! I'm Vittorio.

I’m a growth advisor, marketer and engineering student—in my free time.

I’ve been involved in digital marketing and online communication for years.

Last year I decided I want to pursue entrepreneurship as my career. I’ve started a digital agency while documenting my journey and I plan to invest in companies in the digital spaces to make them grow.

What do I do?

Three years ago I launched my Italian blog, vCreate, where I write articles about online communication, content creation and business.

This started a long process of growth and love for the digital industry.

Nowadays, I help companies reach higher goals through digital strategies.

I co-founded a digital agency, Kleia Media, that focuses on advertising, CRO, automation and email marketing to drive revenue and overall results for our clients.

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vittorio faraco

As I said, I’m also studying Computer Engineering in Bari, Italy.

This is the result of my passion and knowledge of the digital landscape and the drive to understand more about data and analysis.

I plan to merge tech, marketing and growth to create a skill set that allows me to provide value, help companies and have an impact.

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