7 ways to find jobs in Digital Marketing

jobs in digital marketing

Finding jobs in Digital marketing is one of the hottest topics today.

The mainstream usage of internet and the possibilities it offers have made it one of the most innovating fields to work into.

In this article, we’ll see seven practical ways to find jobs in digital marketing as a newbie.

1. Start following the right people

There are a lot of competent people working in digital marketing.

Since most of this happens on the internet, you can follow them and the stuff they put out on a daily basis.

This is education, the modern way to study from the ones who actually use the knowledge and notions they teach you.

Sure, there are scammers too, but becoming better at avoiding them is part of the game.

2. Research and study everyday

In every digital industry changes are made by the day.

Learning things once and for all simply doesn’t work anymore.

Platforms have to keep up with new technology and features, so you better prepare to study everyday.

If you learn to love the craft though, it becomes even fun.

I know lots of experts who take their time aside from the projects they work on to update their knowledge.

Useful ways to do this are courses, guides, articles, videos and other material you can easily find online.

3. Build personal projects

Many times theory is a good way to get into something and to understand the fundamentals.

But it’s not enough alone.

You need to practice what you learn, and the best way to do it without unnecessary risks is by starting personal projects.

What does this mean?

If you want to get into social media, you can start developing a personal brand or curating some pages, if you want to get into affiliate marketing, you can open a blog and play with networks and programs.

You just have to be creative enough to find what are the best ways to exercise and to possibly develop assets that can be useful.

4. To find jobs in digital marketing, attend events

Online there are lots of things to do and opportunities to catch.

You can work from anywhere and have more freedom regarding hours and deadlines.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t need to turn social networks into real social occasions.

The digital marketing industry is one of the most active in the events space.

Every month there are tons of good events around the world about topics like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, social media, advertising

And the good part is that they’re often not just for experts, but for newbies too.

Try to attend a few and you’ll be exposed to a solid number of new lessons and opportunities.

5. Pay attention to news and changes

The digital world is constantly changing.

What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow, and if you want to remain relevant you constantly have to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

How can you do it?

Follow digital marketing influencers, pages, news outlets, media channels.

Join groups, make connections and let yourself be part of communities that contaminate each other with positive interactions and up-to-date conversations.

6. Network more to get jobs in digital marketing

Speaking of connections: you gotta give credit to other people.

Why? That’s the easieast method to get in touch with someone and to build a network.

The reason why you should put some effort into the construction of meaningful relationship with other people in the industry is because this is a very powerful tool to get into digital marketing.

Having a strong network means that you know the right person for the majority of the ideas that come up to your mind.

It’s also likely that you’ll receive proposals and offers for jobs, clients, referrals and projects.

When someone know you as an expert in your field, you build opportunities.

In the digital marketing landscape, where everything happens online, this is even more true.

7. Talk about it

One of the coolest and more rewarding ways of both getting jobs in digital marketing and getting to know more people is to deliberately talk about your journey online.

Pick a few channels amongst social media, blog, Spotify, Medium, Quora etc. and start writing/filming/recording/creating.

That’s how the web world works.

You share valuable tips and lessons you learn on your journey to find jobs in digital marketing, someone starts to follow you, to like what you say and to amplify your voice.

Jobs in Digital Marketing: Conclusions

Every tip here is to help you make your own space to work in this industry through all the means we all have at our disposal.

You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary to get into digital marketing.

In my opinion, the beauty of this field is that virtually (literally) anyone can access it.

Especially today that the internet is filled with information that gives you more than enough to start, this is one of the coolest industries to work in.

It’s also one of the necessary tools to build a successful business.

That’s why, apart from being interesting, it’s also useful to every kind of business or brand.

Creating your expertise in digital marketing means being more and more appealing to companies and having the right tools to help activities grow and scale.

That should be enough to get you started.

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