What is a SMMA and How to Start One

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If you know something about marketing, you probably heard of the expression SMMA.

But what is it?

An SMMA is a social media marketing agency.

Basically it’s a company that manages clients’ social media channels to make them grow and get results.

This doesn’t necessarily mean to get them more followers.

It could mean the agency provides advertising services, handles email marketing or creates content.

There are several different things where businesses need help with social media.

Doing them in house most of the time is complicated and not useful.

Who needs SMMA services

There are markets where being on social media doesn’t represent a huge change, and markets where it is mandatory.

Today, managing a business and managing all the necessary social media communication can be tricky.

The time a business owner has is limited.

At the same time though the online platforms can bring a good amount of new customers.

A fair solution is to hire a SMMA to do the job.

The truth is every company, store or professional can benefit from their presence on social media.

Content and distribution are the two main pillars of our era.

Think about it.

How do all the popular brands act today?

They invest massively in the online market.

Maybe just for brand awareness, maybe to directly get more sales.

E-commerce for example is one of the best ways for an offline store, producer or retailer to go online.

Sure, there’s Amazon, but even with them, there’s still a lot of space for e-commerce platforms to grow and sell.

And an obvious investment for an e-commerce is to pay a SMMA to help them market their products.

What you need to create a SMMA

Exactly like every business can potentially be a good fit to be a client, everyone can create a SMMA.

If you’re quite young, there’s a good chance you know how social media works.

This is the starting point.

You can’t just know how they work as a user, you have to understand how the platform can be used as a creator.

Influencers are paid to promote products because they know how to use their platform and they have an audience to speak to.

The next step for businesses is to go all-in themselves and start distributing content.

This can be done organically or via paid ads.

The idea is to get in front of the right people at the right time.

Agency owners provide the services necessary to get these businesses in front of their dream audience – the one that fits their buyer persona.

Today the scenario is quite interesting.

Basically every active service, business, store or firm needs to be online, to be posting content and to be looking for new customers where they spend most of their time.

This is the reason why you should think about starting your own SMMA.

All of us can do it with the proper knowledge and with the right mindset.

It means you have to hustle at the beginning, actively looking for clients, pitching them via email or social media, and selling your services.

smma in action

Dealing with clients

As I said, starting can be hard.

There are a few tips that can help you and point you in the right direction though.

What I love about the agency model – not just SMMA, all kind of agencies – is the connection you have with the single client and the path that leads you both to reach the goals you’re working on.

Social media marketing is no different: you have to get in touch with the possible client, explain what you can do, execute, constantly deliver results, and maintain a positive attitude.

This is a PR job.

You have to know how to treat people and how to work with them.

Many people hate working with clients because they may be stubborn, and this happens a lot.

But I think there are people who are naturally more inclined to deal with other people, to mediate and to prove their point without fighting.

These are all traits an SMMA owner should have.

How to work as an SMMA owner

To run a successful SMMA you need to optimize your systems and procedures.

Every client will need something different, but your modus operandi should be standardized if you’re gonna work with multiple clients.

This means choosing the right tools, analyzing and recognizing your strengths and leveraging them.

There’s not a single approach. You have to create your own.

I’ve learned many concepts about SMMA from an English kid who built one of the best social media marketing agencies and communities in the world: Iman Gadzhi.

The surprising thing? He’s just 20.

Your ego may want to stop you from getting business advice from someone so young.

But you have to stop it if you want to learn and get better.

Iman is a real professional and has a great A-team to support his mission. The key areas his agency (IAG Media) masters are performance marketing – Facebook Ads – copywriting and client management.

The last one may seem a bit obvious, but I assure you it’s not.

This is a key aspect Iman himself specialized in.

The core service though is Facebook Advertising.

That’s a powerful method to drive traffic to (for them) e-commerce and infoproduct businesses.

So another lesson is to be specific and serve only a certain type of clients you know you can guarantee results for.

Other types of services include Google Ads, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Email Marketing, or Website Creation.

The first thing you’re going to do to create a SMMA is to master a service and start offering it.

Where to learn the skills

Learning to properly use social media for others isn’t easy.

Yes, we all know how these platforms work, but there are many features and skills we need to learn if we want to create a SMMA and market ourselves as experts.

Where to learn those skills?

Well, there are a few options.

You could take a course about a specific subject in the SMMA niche, or start by absorbing material you find online. You could read books about it.

But the best skills-teacher is experience.

Getting experience without doing the work can be hard, I get it. But this is the reason why not everyone you know has an agency.

I can tell you that developing personal projects can be really helpful in the beginning and can teach you valuable lessons about the world of social media.

Create a page on Instagram, make content, run ads.

Learn information, then execute.

Make mistakes, find out what didn’t work and do it again.

This will master your skills and make you ready and confident to work with real clients.

Social media marketing is a cool world, and in the near future, more and more businesses will ask for this kind of service.

Get ready, so you can be the one who’s there to help.

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